Tuesday night training crit

After a day of rest, view I decided to do the tuesday night crit…well, patient kinda, more of I was talked into going by Karey.  I didnt really want to spend the money to go race since Im broke, but finally after some persuasion, I decided to mount my steed and chamois up.  Since I didnt have any team mates, I had to make the team tactics come from two legs.  I wanted to keep the race together tonight so I could test out my sprint against local hero Nick Skenzick, the man is a sprinting beast, and if you can out sprint him, Im pretty sure you can out sprint anyone.

Since I didnt want any breaks heading up the road to keep it together for a field sprint, I had to light my matches carefully.  I made sure to stay out of the wind unless I was chasing a wheel, a hard thing for me to resist.  Since it was together, I was in a descent place to pick up the prime and make back my money for once.  I attacked on the back side of the course hoping I would be able out drag race anyone to the line.  Things were going according to plan, I had a good gap but Nick was coming for me.  I was sprinting hard and went to shift down into my 11 tooth cog, but nothing happened.  At this point nick started to really close the gap, and it still wasnt shifting down.  I got caught just before the line, passed at the same moment my dérailleur clicked into the 11 tooth, and my 10$ clicked away.  It pays to keep your bike tuned up kids.  I had the mouth of a sailer for a few minutes there, sorry officials and spectators at the line , couldn’t keep it in.

Im sure every one loved it that I would chase them down and the pack stayed together, I know it really makes my boats float when it when it happens to me.  Galen got pretty peeved when I wouldnt pull, but the pack was right there, we werent going any where even if I took my pull, sorry man, next time.  Towards the end, one guy kept on attacking, it was great, he was really putting the pain on me at this point after spending so much time on the front, so I felt like I was getting my ten bucks worth now.  Before long, it was the final lap and the Hutches guys set up a lead out train for Nick as expected.  I set up about 5 wheels back from the front getting ready for the sprint, a little farther back than I wanted to be, but so be it.  Coming out of the corner I sprinted hard, and was making some time on nick, but starting 2 wheels back from him wasnt ideal, and it was pretty clear I wasnt going to get it.  2nd place for me, good sprint Nick!  Next up is the health net criterium in portland.

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