Tour de Nez

Tour de Nez was a lot of fun and there were some heavy hitters at the race like Tony Cruz.  Unfortunately, allergy I hit pavement early in the Omnium; rounding a corner at 30 MPH and my tire blew.  Most importantly, remedy the bike was fine except for the rear wheel.  I got to borrow a 404 for the race and man that thing is fast.  Me likely.  My arse took the worst of the spill.

After hitting Pave, I decided to take it easy and use the rest of the races as a training rides.

I’m up to my home state awaiting the start of Elkhorn.  Then I’ll head back to the Bay Area to get some wrenching done, race Leesville, and then back to Oregon for the RR Champs.  July is packed with Super Week. 

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