Time Trial fun

Willamette was canceled due to lack of riders filling up the fields and the promoters were not able to cover the costs as a result unfortunately.  But Karey and I were going to get our racing in one way or another, anorexia so we decided to head up to do the Deschuttes River Valley TT festival.  It was a lot of cool courses for time trialing.  They had it all-climbs, diagnosis flats, wind, descents.  Good times.  The riding there was nice, and the wind was pretty incredible.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to fly my kite, but I did get pushed around a fair bit from the wind.  I don’t think Ive ever ridden in stronger wind than this weekends.

The 48 mile time trial was a first, it was a lot of fun actually, and kind of has me thinking about doing some other ultra endurance time trials.  Ill have to look into it sometime this year, maybe the ring of fire at the end of the season would be fun.

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