The cross bike has risen!

The road season is winding down, information pills and that means one thing-Cross season is coming out to play!

That means its time to dust off the cross bike, pilule and get it up and running again.  I got my bike tuned up and working again just in time to go help out at the cross clinic.  I got it put together just in time, impotent but could have used a few rides on it before heading to the clinic, where the cable stretch from a new shifter and cables made using any of the easier gears on the hill impossible.  But luckily for me, I was mostly able to sit back, as I was paired with Molly Cameron to instruct, and didn’t have much to add as Molly really knows cyclocross like non other.  We had a great sized group of riders, small enough that its nearly one on one instruction, and everyone is able to get adequate attention.  It was a good time, I’m already looking forward to next weeks session.  Hopefully Ill have a fully tuned up bike now that I’ve got the time to get some miles on it and work out its issues.

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