Team Time Trial

Well today was crit champs, pharmacy but the race didn’t happen until after some other good training and racing happened.  First off, there was the Tuesday night crit here in Eugene, then the Team Oregon Mid Summer Crit series crit up in Hillsboro.  And  there was also the crash aftermath from twilight-a large bump at the base of my skull, just below where the helmet covers.  This showed up the day after the crash, and the night of the crash a head ache showed up that lasted about 3 days.  I’m pretty sure I had a small concussion and hit my head below where my helmet covers.  That said, make sure you get a helmet that covers as much of your head as possible, even the back.

The tuesday night crit was fun and a good workout.  The Wednesday night cirt was also fun and a good workout.  Nothing like racing the other strong  guys on a weekday training session to make you push yourself and dig deep.

Fridays ride consisted of not riding, and instead picking blackberries in order to make some fresh jam, have blackberries on ice cream, and blackberry muffins.  Yep, the season is winding down.

And then today was crit champs.  It was a great course, the Albany course is really smooth and has great corners.  There was a good sized crash in one corner, not sure what caused it, but I got bumped around a bunch, and bent a spoke when my wheel hit another bike, and the spoke got caught on the bikes quick release.  Stayed up, but the wheel was really out of true, and rubbing the break pad.  I noticed that at about 9 laps to go, but I don’t think that had anything to do with my lack of results.  It was not real aggressive racing, there weren’t too many attacks, and the usual suspects were given no slack to get up the road and establish a break.  I made a few attacks, but nothing stuck, and there were no counter attacks to my efforts either.  At some point in the last 10 laps, a break of 3 went up the road, and managed to stay away.  At 2 to go, I made an effort to stay at the front, and got shut out of the inside of the corner where I was trying to move up.  Had to hit the breaks, and lose a bunch of positions, and ended up in the back.  I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make up any ground at this point, so I sat up to avoid any crashing that may happen.  Sam Nicoletti from GLs took the win, keeping the crit champ in pink for another year, nice job!
Stage 4 of the week: After the twilight crit, order
I did a team time trial in Washington.  It was pretty hard, ed
I was the only guy without a TT bike, and my recovery from the twilight was terrible.  It was an hour of pain and suffering.  I spent the whole time staring at the wheel in front of me, and contemplating at how fast the asphault seemed to be moving.  Pretty soon I just started counting to 30 over and over again.  It seemed to be a montra that kept me on track a little better.  It started from taking 30 second pulls, counting 30 breaths before pulling aside, but eventually became so ingrained it was lasting the entirety of the course.  Finally finished the TTT, and I was pretty glad to be done.  Especially since it was starting to rain, and it was cold.  Why does it always seem to rain for any race I do in washington?  Why do you bike racers live there?  I thought we had it bad down in Oregon, Im pretty glad I dont live up there.  Brave souls, all of you WSBA members.

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