Surviving the week

If there was ever a week to test the will to train, anesthetist it was last week.  Lots of school work, page lots of miles, no rx and only a week to cram it all into.  But somehow it all came together with another great week of training and I managed to do pretty well in my classes for the week too.  But a few things helped, like having some great weather to get out in, that always seems to make the time on the bike quicker, both in how fast it goes by, and the actual amount of time it takes to go out ride and come back.  None of the feet dragging when its time for a 5 hour ride in rain, or the extra time of peeling off wet cycling clothes, cleaning the bike, recovering from the weather as well as the ride.  A day of training in nasty weather always seems to take about 30% or more out of your post ride energy.

After making it through last week, this week feels like there’s a lot of extra time to get stuff done.  That’s the one good thing about being busy, it some how extracts more time hidden in the day.  When the busy time period is done, there’s about 6 more hours of time to fill in the day that wasn’t there before the busy period…Mysterious…  Now since Ive found that magical 6 hours, turning my days into 30 hr days instead of 24, I’m proposing an addition to my training hours, perhaps 3 more hours of training, and 3 more hours of sleep to balance it out.  This should make a typical Saturday include over 10 hours of sleep, and somewhere around 9 hours of training.  Things have never looked better!

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  1. 9 hours!!!?! I’m assuming you’re being facetious. Yes I just used that word. Lets talk about Gila. I’ve got some ideas that I’m super excited about.

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