Sublimity and Jack Frost weekend…a little late post.

So its been about a week since Sublime Sublimity Circuit and Jack Frost.  Sublime was a great course, visit some good short climbs and an always changing terrain.  It quickly turned into a race of attrition, hygiene with going hard on the climbs, epilepsy but whenever it wasn’t up hill, I found myself on the front doing about 75 watts with no one wanting to work(or in the pack, doing 45 watts) Definitely a race of pain and recover.  Even Plews wanted non of that, and eventually went off on his own to keep a steady pain through out the course doing a solo break away that stuck until the end, great job man.  The final few miles into the finish for the pack were pretty slow, with no one wanting to do the work for the other 8 or so that were left in the lead group.  I was on the front keeping an easy pace waiting for someone to move or until we hit the final sprint distance up the short steep hill.  As soon as we got to the final hill I hit the gas, and the hill seemed to disappear beneath me.  nearing the line, I didn’t see anyone in my peripherals, so I looked around and had a good lead on the other guys, looks like trainings been paying off.

The next day was Jack Frost TT.  I thought this would be an especially good race for me now to test my steady state power and see what kind of improvements Ive made over the winter.  Last year my TT seemed to be my Achilles heal, so I made sure to train to make it faster.  Before the TT we drove up and warmed up, when I ran into Quinn and rode around with him a little before the race started.  The weather wasn’t too bad, pretty dry for the most part, looks like I lucked out the whole weekend as far as weather.  Once I got to the line, I saw that I had Josh Liberles in front of me, and Aaron Sander in front of him, so I knew Id have some good carrots to hold my attention.  I think I went out just a little to fast, and gained some time on Josh, but in the second half he really threw down the hammer and I gave it all back, but all in all I put down a good time and felt a lot better than the in TTs from last year, so I passed the Test.  As usual, Super TT beast Seth Hosmer threw down an unbreakable time for the day…except for a fully covered recumbent, but Id like to see what Seth could do in one of those…actually, you better not try it Seth, it might break apart due to the air friction caused by the high speed as a satellite does as it enters the earths atmosphere…But in all seriousness, great ride Seth.

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  1. I find it a bit interesting, or a bit misleading, to write that you were 2nd in the TT (actually found on your results page). You had 3 40+ guys beat you. I realize you were 2nd in your group, but still…Reminds me of Evan’s blog–I’ve got to write about this because his blog doesn’t allow comments and you referenced him in your post. In his blog, he wrote about winning 3 races back to back. The funny thing is, he also got beaten by a 40+ guy in a MTB race. He even describes pulling back the guys who were ahead of him to win comfortably. He doesn’t mention the old guy he didn’t catch. How about giving credit where credit is due. Sorry to use your blog for this, but shit, c’mon. Again, sorry.

  2. I should also add that I am old guy who really loves seeing you young guys do well. I’m a huge fan of Kennett, Jake, Austin, Carson and you…even though I don’t know you guys and even though you beat my faster teammates. I love to see local talent perform well on a big stage. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for the support,
    And I did say 2nd in the P/1/2 field.

    Theres some scary strong guys out there, it would make it harder(=good) plus most of those guys have tons of in race experience, very skilled racers all of them.

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