Sprint action

Man, pilule its been a while since Ive written.   This is due to the workload that the end of the term brought, more info where it became eat, sleep ride, school do homework…Which really isn’t much different than what I do the rest of the term, but there was less snippets of time to waste.  I have to say, it was really nice being able to come home from a race and not have to do homework in the evening.  Anyways to the action:
-banana 1, it was dry to start with, but raining at the end and cold.  I also missed the break.  oops.  Took 3rd in the field sprint, wasn’t quite positioned well enough, Aaron Sanders took a well deserved win when he attacked the break and destroyed it.

Banana 2-postponed a week due to snow, which was good for me because I was sick so I wasn’t going anyways, so I didn’t waste a race fee.  This race was wet and cold start to finish.  Once again, missed the break.  took 9th in the race…again… two weeks in row.  Even Elken took the win today, when he attacked his only break away mate Paul Boucier a little ways towards the finish.

Banana3-After working the UO race all day the day before, it was nice to be able to race my bike, and was a good reminder as to how much work goes into putting one of these on, I haven’t worked a race for a while, so working it was good in that it reminded me how much promoters and volunteers put into putting on an event-make sure you thank them, and don’t be a jerk when talking to them about something you may be unhappy about during the race.  Anyways, woke up early, and was happy to see it wasn’t  raining for once during the race.  The race had a lot of attacks and was pretty aggressive most of the time.  At about 3 k away from the finish, I went off with Paul Boucier and some other dude, Paul and I tried to stay away, but it didnt work, and the pack caught us with 50 meters to the line.  To the person sitting me and Pauls wheel – would have been nice if you could have pulled (at least once) rather than just sitting on and attacking at 250 meters, maybe we could have stuck it…   >:-(    thats an angry face…Jacob Rathe took the win from the field, and his team mates took 2nd and 3rd, nice job, although I gotta admit, I wasn’t happy to see you coming around me so close to the finish.

And now with the term over, Ill have some good time to train this week, hopefully the weather is nice!!
Heres a little video of Derek and I having some fun at the crit course, visit
filmed and edited by Ivar.


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