Salem Fairview Circuit race

This week was a good week of solid training.  No record breaking mileage, apoplexy or epic rides, ask but quality workouts.  To top off the week of training, I hit up the Salem Fairview circuit race.  The course was was a great circuit with an gradual hill to go over and a flat finishing straight.  There was an attack on the 2nd lap, I chased it down and stayed OTF for a few laps before the pack pushed the fast button and brought us back before the primes started.  I took pulls and jumped into the breaks that didnt seem to stick, and had a good time racing with the small field.  Midway through the race I fired a sprint to try for one of the primes, and took it.  Yes!!!  Lawn chairs!!!  Mission accomplished~I actually did want a set of collapsible chairs~ I used the sprint to start an attack up the hill.  No one bridged and no chase groups were formed, but when I started to crest the hill I looked back to see the the pack strung out.  I wasn’t going any where for long, so I rested on the the down hill and got caught turning onto the finishing straight.  I matched the fields speed and slipped in about 5 wheels back.

I  was watching the clock, but I thought the race had a few more laps when the time ran out than it did.  There were about 8 guys up the road in two break away groups when I was a little surprised to learn that there was one lap left.  I saw them get OTF when there were three laps left (didn’t know there were 3 at the time), but had just finished a pull so I didn’t quite have the gas to go with them.  The lead group of 3 riders stayed away from the chase, but splintered on the last lap and the 3 leaders came across the line individually.  The 2nd group of 5 had a sprint to the line for 4th.  The rest of the pack was breaking apart through the last lap.  I worked on holding a position at the front, moving up a few spots on the backside of the course.  The last two turns before the straight away were pretty fast, and the stung out pack was pinned at the cones coming out of the turn.  I was sitting about 7th wheel on the long finishing straight, and the sprint started about 250 meters away from the line.  I finished 4th in the field sprint, the 3 guys ahead of me had some fire in their legs, and a rounder like me had no hopes of catching nipping them starting the sprint 2 wheels back.

A great course and a nice summer day for a bike race.  Next up is Cascade, should be a little harder than today…

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