Ronde Von Brisbane

Ive got lots of homework in the rear view, malady the winter term is finally done, surgery and hard bike racing has come.  Brisbane spanked me pretty good, the power just wasn’t in my legs after some mid week food poisoning and not eating for a good 40 hours.  The rest of the Z boyz represented though, with McCook taking the field sprint in the crit after we got caught out of the break, and Uthman Ray IV riding into a 5th place after putting up a good fight against some BMC riders and Freddie Rodriguez.  We are now gearing up for Redlands, which will start on Thursday.  Impretty sure that the suffering will be worth the drive down.  Did a nice ride on Monday, first long ride in good weather all year(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and did some harder stuff today(that’s what she said) for tune up for redlands and am just killing time until we head down.  

Got the new  race bike in working order, its nice to not be racing a cyclocross bike on the road, but its still a bit of a franken bike until the rest of my new grouppo comes in, so its still a little funky.  At least it’ll get the job done and its working well.(its currently a little bike of sram/shimano mix, complete with mis matched shifters)

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  1. Dude, hope you are feeling well for race day. I was looking at the list of riders yesterday! Wow. You are going to be racing against some big boys. And some of them have a bone to pick and something to prove–e.g. Tyler Hamilton. Seems like your team is looking ready, however. And that crit is going to be outrageous. That is a lot of corners for 90 minutes. I predict huge fractionalization of the pack. Welcome to the big dance I guess.

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