Rides in Klamath Falls

So someone asked OBRA about some good rides in klamath, this so I figured I would post some of my bread and butter rides when Im training in Klamath Falls, neuropathologist there are some pretty good rides down there, just make sure you bring enough water and food because you will be in the middle of nowhere half the time:
1hr small hill: ride out lake shore drive to hwy 140, turn left, follow to 66, turn left.  Follow under the 97 over pass, turn left onto green springs, follow it back to town.  this stretch of 140 has a really wide shoulder and is pretty good.

2 hrs and flat Follow the bike path out to Olene, its pretty nice.  Go through Olene on 140, and turn right to cross the river, then turn right again onto crystal springs, turn left onto hill rd, follow untill Dehlinger and turn right.  Follow it across the intersection after a few miles when it turns into cross rd, follow this untill Tingley Ln, turn right, follow to 140, turn left onto 140.  It has a wide shoulder and is pretty safe, follow this to greensprings Dr, turn right and go back to town.

3hrs: Head out hwy 66 to keno, when you get to a fork, go left to stay on 66 and go through keno, then you have 2 options:

Lots of climbing (steep): Here you can either turn left on the Hammecker mtn access road (Chase mtn Rd), roads a little rough, but a huge climb up to 6590 ft, 10 miles of climbing and takes around an hr to climb if your chillin.  Then turn around and descend back down to the bottom and turn back. 50 miles.
Some climbing (mostly not very steep): Ride past hammecker mtn(chase Mtn rd) road after you go through keno and stay on 66 riding along the Klamath river, down the straight descent to topsy reservoir, then turn right onto keno access road after crossing the reservoir.  Follow this untill Spencer creek rd, turn right onto this road, follow this to clover creek and turn right again, follow this back to keno and go straight back to Klamath-loops about 50 miles and takes about 3 hours.

Or ride out and back on 66, a couple of good climbs 2+ hrs

6 hrs: Keno access road goes all the way to howard prarie, if you want a long ride go there and come back to klamath dead indian mem. to clover creek, itll be about 6 hours and 95 miles.

There arent many bad roads to ride on, just stay off of 97 all the time, and 140 most of the time except for the short conectors.

There are some Mtn rides too, but Ive only explored a little bit on my cross bike.  A lot of fun is to take a cross bike and hit up all the forest service roads.  Just don’t get lost…

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