Rest week

Well its the end of a long, psychiatrist slow rest week.  I got some nice time off the bike, but unfortunately with all the school and time catching up on bike maintenance(polishing my frame, cleaning the chain, building a new wheel etc…), it didn’t equate to more hours of free time that I usually discover in a rest week.  But as usual, I did a little exploring to break the routine, checked out the dead end roads to find out just how far they went until it dead ended, and checked out some new roads outside of my usual training grounds and loops.  Not to mention getting chased down by some new dogs.  Another plus to the shorter rides this week, was the smaller window if time it takes to get out and back without getting rained on.  I managed to fit my rides perfectly in between the rain passing through.  Amazing! But all in all, this has to be the busiest rest week I’ve had, speaking of which, time to stop procrastinating and get back to homework, before another big week of training starts.

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