Redlands TT

Today was the first day of Redlands, viagra and it started with a gnarly course.  Short, but had a little hill that came with a nice bite.  Still dont seem to have all my power back from puking it all out last week, but I felt better than going into brisbane, but enough with the excuses, the facts are I didnt have it today.  Got passed by my minute man, but considering it was Santiago Botero, I dont feel too bad about it.  I havnt seen the times yet, but a good time is in the mid 9’s for this course.  Not only are some past pro tour guys in the race (a new experience to have them part of the domestic scene), but also had my TT bike checked for the first time, and it fit within all the measurements and weight requirements.  Now were all just getting ready for tomorrows stage.  It should be pretty exciting with all the teams being fairly level.  All the bikes have been prepped and are ready(ive still got a mystery creak thats driving me nuts though), and this bowl of cereal is delicious.  Tomorrows stage should be a little more exciting considering its longer than 5k.  And by exciting i mean really F’ing hard.  200 guys should make moving around in the pack a little more challenging, and 200 guys in a technical crit course, better start at the front.

Now, its time to go get some Nutella.

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