Recap and things to come

Well its finally here, cardiology the day when I can just hop on my bike and go on a ride for training, no more going to the gym to lift with a bunch of “tough guys” that are lifting twice the amount of weight they should be while using terrible technique to do it.  I’m really surprised there aren’t more injuries in the gym, but I guess thats probably why so many people in their middle ages have shoulder and back problems.

To recap the last few months of training, its been:Rides on the road bike, some cross rides, some cross training with running, plyo and weights, XC skiing and snow shoeing(which included an epic climb up a mountain that took 9 hours and the last couple of hours were spent in the dark) and some Christmas cheer.

Looking ahead, in the near future there is thousands of miles to be ridden, some local races to get ramped up for some great NRC results.  Unfortunately, several(about half) of the west coast NRCs that are close-ish to home are off the calender this year due to lack of funding.  This makes getting to the planned number of NRCs a bit harder since the I want to get to are bit(by bit, I mean a lot…) farther away.  Its really expensive to get to these races, even when your living out of your car and host houses to make it there, so the feasibility of actually making it to some of these races are on a razors edge so sharp a spider could get a clean shave with it.

But thats all right, in spite of some new struggles I am still looking at a great calender for 09 and have some great goals lined up for the season, and have all the means to accomplish them.

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  1. So this year, Sea Otter isnt an NRC(its still a race though) Tour De Nez isnt an NRC, and another one isnt going to be it either. As for as other ones Im not sure I can make it to, well Im not sure yet, itll work itself out as financing the race season works itself out. But I can say that the ones that I make it to are gonna be worth it!

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