Portland Twilight and the days before it.

So this week was kinda a little stage race in a sense.  7 days in the week, health care 5 days were spent racing.  What better way to spend a week?  First off, sick   for the first time, website like this I raced PIR.  It was pretty fun, but no offense Portlanders, the Tuesday Night Crit series here in Eugene is a harder race, and Ive got the power data to prove it.  I spent most of the race riding hard, attacking and generally getting in a good workout.  Good times.  Wednesday, I was out helping out the Team O crit, and seized the opportunity to jump in that and race.  It was a pretty good workout.  The course is a little goofy with the two 180s, but it was pretty fun.  Every time through the 180 I tried pushing the grip of my tires a bit more, seeing how far they would go.  It was fun.

Thursday was a nice little recovery ride.

Friday-started out with an easy spin in the morning to loosen up the legs and get the blood flowing.  Back home for some lunch and R&R before heading to the twilight.  After getting to the twilight crit and getting ready to warm up, I discovered that I forgot my shoes at the house I was staying at.   After a few seconds of mildly freaking out, I decided the best plan of action would be to ride back to the house in regular shoes, trade shoes, and ride back.  Getting in a warm up and solving the shoe problem.  I did that, and it was much quicker than driving there.  I’m pretty sure Ill almost never drive again once I get moved to Portland.

Starting the race this year was excellent.  A call up for being #2 in the BAR made getting to the front easy, and kept me ahead of the crashes, guys getting dropped, and general craziness that this crit seems to have in it.  I kept active at the front, and made sure I could keep tabs on what was going on, and who was attempting to go up the road.  After a while, there was a break with Adrian Hegyvery, Steven Beardsley, and two other guys, that seemed to be sticking.  The pack was still moving along though, so although the break wasn’t getting closer, it wasn’t getting any farther either, with Omer Kem on the front of the field throwing down, demonstrating what it means to have the fitness of a pro.  After a quite a few laps of this, the pack seemed to slow just a bit.  It looked like the right time to attack and bridge up to the break, as this was the time the gap would start to emerge.  I attacked just before a corner, and railed it through, feeling my tires barely remaining in contact with the slippery and rough corner.  Coming out of the exit, I hit the gas hard, gaining as much speed as possible before the next corner, where I would have no choice but to lean the bike as hard as I could, coast so I don’t clip my pedal, and maintain speed before the next straight stretch.  I did this formula for about a lap and a half before I made contact with the final rider in the break.  I sat there for about another lap and a half before I could contribute to the effort.  With 26 minutes to go, the break gaining time on the field, and the field seeming to slow down, things were looking good.  I kept on working with my new found break away companions to keep the gap going.  Things were looking good, the crowd was huge and loud.  The tall buildings and the trees of the park seemed to keep all the sound in, this is probably the loudest crit that Ive done, so loud that I couldn’t make out any prime laps, but that was all right, I was hunting for the over all win.  Finally it came down to the final lap, things were good, legs were feeling good, it was all down to positioning and who the best man was on this Friday night.  Going into the final corner, I was on the outside, with Beardsley to my inside.  Midway through the corner, someone came flying in between the two of us, giving Steve a shove to the inside, and giving me a shove on the exit of the corner, straight into the curb, crashing me out of the break.  Not only did I crash out of the break, I crashed into some spectators, and into last place.  Fun.

The best part is that someone has the crash on video, something all of my crashes have yet to accomplish.  I’ve yet to see it (if your the person with the video, lets see that business!!)  Luckily I wasnt too banged up from the incedent, and the people I landed on were all right as well.  Although, the road rash extended onto where my saddle is just a bit, so the ride on saturday was not much fun.

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