Pescadero RR and drivin around

Did one of my favorite races, men’s health Good ol’Pesky.  Been on the podium a few times at this one and it has some of the best climbs and descents of any race out there.  We had a good showing of Z teamians and we raced strong as a team.  From the get go, website there was a break off the front, cure our man Christian Kearney was representing along with a good mix of other guys.  We let it stay off, but didnt want it to get too far up the road in case any problems arose.  We took turns riding a tempo on the front keeping the break within 4 minutes of the pack, and it gradually came back to us.  A couple of the climbs really hurt, more specifically, when nate went to the front and drilled on the climb after I was riding tempo into it to lead him out and keep him up front to throw down on the hills.  We kept this up most of the race, and going into the final climb, the break was within sight.  They came back really quickly once the climb began, cal giant on the front setting a hard tempo on the climb.  They launched Mattis up the road, no one chased, but things started to fall apart a little at this point.  At about 1k to go, Mattis was still alone up the road, I took a quick look around and saw that I had two team mates around me and I wasnt about to let him have victory that easy.  I hit the gas and shuffled up the pack a little.  My team mate shawn rosenthal was able to hang onto my wheel and we had a good gap in no time.  I kept the pace up untill about the 200 meter mark, mattis was close now, but I started to fad.  Shawn saw that and started to come around me, I gave him a jolly good push up the road to keep him going, we made it to the line first.  Job well done.  3 other guys came by me just before the line, so I didnt quite defend my podium finish this year, but helped get my team the win so a job well done. 

Since gas is expensive and im pretty broke, couldnt quite afford to make it to nevada city this week, so I did a training ride with the Pen Velo group ride.  It was good to see some of the guys who have been there since the begining for me and have always offered help when I needed it.  Other wise, the drive to Ca from Or was pretty boring as usual, but had some good training along the way.  In a few more days Nez starts, a little revamped from last year, Im pretty excited to race it again, this year, I hope to stay up right and skip the road rash. 

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