off season, almost over!

Well the off season break is almost over, skincare and I cant wait.  I’m already dreaming about being on the bike again.  Last night, it was a dream about a long training ride where I had stopped at a visitor centers map board, trying to figure out where to ride to next.  Those are the best rides, but rides like that will have to wait a little longer, because it will be back to the gym.  Its always a welcome site, the warm dry gym.  Especially living in this part of Oregon in the winter, where rain, snow, sleet, hail and any other kind of miserable weather to ride in exists.  Oh yes, winter is coming…

2 thoughts on “off season, almost over!”

  1. Wait, how is the off season almost over? You just posted about it starting 3 days ago. Is your off season a week?

  2. Well, the off season as it pertains to a lot of riding and racing is still occurring for a couple of more months. But the off season as in the time period where Im sitting around not doing anything and trying to get fat is almost over. Today, I think I might go for a run and do some “unstructured training” for a week.

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