Nez was great.  One of the best parts, clinic was all the free food for the racers after the races, info being in school and racing bikes means free food is twice as wonderful as it would be being either one of those alone.  Other than all the free food, generic the racing was fun and pretty hard.  I was not used to the dry heat at all, and the elevation, so the race on the first day was a good shock to the system.  Couldn’t quite catch back up on my breathing after a litttle effort, and before long my lungs were full of some stuff (and not air as I would have liked) and my throat felt raw from the dry thin air.  After the casino parking lot crit, I had a lot of coughing that would last the next couple of days.  The next day was the Truckee Crit and a uphill TT at Northstar.  I wanted to make sure I kept it up right in the crit this year, as I feel Ive left enough skin on the roads of Truckee already.  After the TT, we headed over to the cabin we were staying at and relaxed before the evening race.  Just like last year, there was a good crowd at the crit, but unlike last year, I didn’t give them a reason to say “Oooooooooo!!!!!!!!!”.  Sorry spectators.

The Circuit race at Northstar was created for the sole purpose of pain.  3 miles up hill, 3 miles down, and as one might imagine, the part going up took a lot longer than the part going down, so there wasn’t much recovery going on after the up part of the course.  I came, I suffered, I finished.

The final days Circuit has to be one of my favorite courses EVER!!  Thats right, deserving of capital letters.  Its on par with the TT course from hood.  It was twisty, had some hills, and a windy brick section as it snaked through the middle of the ski resort.  Awesome.  This was actually my best feeling day, I think I was starting to get used to the amount of oxygen at 6,000 feet.  I had just finished closing a gap that had taken me a lap to do, when I was starting to recover, but someone else opened a gap a couple of wheels up.  I was pretty mad, if it had happend a lap later I could have stayed on and moved up, but I was still too spent from the last effort to do much about it.  I chased hard, and the pack stayed close in front of me for about 2 laps, but eventually my legs were no match for the guys driving it on the front, and I waited for the chase group to take me in.  This seemed to eventually become the main group as guys from the lead slowly drifted back to us.

This weekend was pretty hard, and I think had I been prepared for the elevation I could have gotten some results, but I feel a lot stronger coming off of this weekend, and all of my power has come up in the last week since recovering from nez.  Good week of training fo’sho!

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