More Cascade

After a night of eating and tour watching, plague stage two started.  A mostly flat stage that had a small climb in the middle and a big climb at the end.  The ending climb is not flat by any means and after finishing , anorexia well your glad its over.  For the most part the stage wasn’t too eventful.  I didn’t study up on the turn sheets close enough, more about and didnt realize the finish was diferent than last year.  Going through sisters was much more complicated than previous years where we just pass through town and head on our way.  This year there were a lot of turns through the neighborhoods of the town and the race went into crit mode as we flew through the city streets.  I was just barely far enough up in the group to not get gapped off, but not as far up as I would have liked.

After getting through town, it was a false flat for a while, then a steep hill that lasted about a kilometer long before heading down to another longer false flat.  Wasnt far enough up in the group going through sisters, so I dropped the ball there and couldnt get up far enough to not get caught in the split on this hill.  Was in a chase group that was working well on the false flat, but as it got steeper to towards the uphill finish, things just fell apart, but the group I was with was just behind the lead group so that was a boost of confidence after my legs stopped working on the previous day.

On Friday, the day of the TT and the crit, the temperature seemed to be a littel bit cooler, a welcomed situation for an uphill TT.  Didnt ride a great TT at all, but coming back down the hill at full speed in the aero bars was still a lot of fun.  The crit that night was a crash fest.  I visited the pit twice, one unlucky rider was in there 5 times for crashes and a broke spoke one time.  The best part was when I got to use one of the neutral wheels, a nice zipp 404.  That thing was NICE.  Its always nice to ride on some deep dish carbon wheels.  The rest of the crit was devoted to trying to gain positions, an easy thing to say, but pretty hard to accomplish in a 140 rider NRC crit.  I moved up some, but after counting how many positions I could gain, and how much time was left in the race, I knew I was in no place to get up to a good result, so moved forward when it was a good time to, but the main goal was to stay out of trouble.  There were tons of crashes, a lot of good riders were going down.  Eventually a large crash split the field at about 4 to go.  toyota united was on the front drilling it and took a well deserved win as a result.  Horner was close in the mix and gave them a good run for their money though.

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