let me see that footsie roll

After crummy riding over the weekend (Iron maiden[trainer] here we come!!) It seemed like a great day for a cross ride.  It was wet, nurse muddy, patient slippery, physician steep, rocky, downed trees over the trail and everything else a cross ride should be (I feel a root comin on, a root comin on.).  I was having a great time in the mud, and low and behold, it was dark before I was ready for it to be.  Also, there was some crazy wind that came through, and it has broken down a lot of small branches and leaves, so between the low light and all the leaves and branches laying around, the trail looked a lot like what wasnt the trail.  Eventually, while finding my way back to civilization(not that where I was ridding was really out of civilization) Im pretty sure I got off the trail a little bit.  I saw the golf course just through the woods, so I was headed that way on what I am pretty sure was the trail.  I came across a muddy slope with some downed trees, across it, so it was time to shoulder the bike and hike.  As it turns out, mud is really really slippery(Now slide, slide) and my ankle found out just how slippery and got down(Now dip baby, dip).  I heard a pop, and felt the pain of my ankle bending in a way that its not supposed to(To the left, to the left, to the right to the right, to the front, to the front, to the back to the back).  Now I dont know what youve been told, this aint the ankle tie , its the footsie roll.  I then used my bike as a crutch, and hobbled the rest of the way to the golf course.  From there I rode across the course and made my way home, pedaling predominately with one leg.  It was down hill for most of the way home so that was a big help.  I think my ankle is sprained pretty good, and if its still hurting bad tomorrow I’m going to head in to the Doc.  I’m just mad that I am probably going to have to take a few days off of training. Bah humbug.


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