After being at a race every weekend since February, drug and about 41 times clipping in at the line, capsule its about time for a weekend off.  My intense recovery week training included a session at the local skate park, healing with a few odd looks from the BMX’ers and skaters(not every day you see a fully decked out roadie riding parallel to the ground on 700c tires).  And crashing off the single track at full speed into ferns and bushes.  Maybe there is a reason knobby tires…but the look you get from a full suspension mtn rider is great when you fly past on a road bike.  This was also a good week to work on cornering in my neighborhood H.S. parking lot.  Much needed since Crash de Nez was only a few weeks ago and I still have a few cornering phobias to work out of the system.  Not that crashing on single track will help that, but you do feel a lot more confident once back on the pave.  Hitting the loose stuff on your roadie is a good way to work on staying relaxed and nimble on the bike when stuff gets hectic in a race.  The weekend off was a good time to catch up on sleep and glycogen.  This week, ill keep it to the more traveled roads and the traditional, less hazardous-by-stupidity, road rides.

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