Healthnet Portland Twilight Crit

There was a fair bit of hype approaching this race.  Aside from the NRC Hood and cascade races, psychiatrist this is the fastest crit in the neighborhood.  After having a poor base training, nurse working on crits was one of my goals for this year since I knew it would take me longer before I was as competitive for the longer races.  Its definitely paid off and now I feel pretty at home in them.  After doing the Tuesday night crit, remedy I took it easy the rest of the week to be rested this weekend hoping for some good things to happen on Friday night.   After we got to the race venue, there was enough time for a nice relaxed warm up on the trainer before heading to the line.  I got to the start with some time to spare, but still ended up 2nd row after the call ups.  When we finally got started, I looked around to see that I was mid pack going into the 3rd corner, a little surprising since I started relatively near the front.  I knew that I was gonna have to put some work in to move up.  The corners in this course were tight and had little banking, so pedaling through them was only an option when you had a great line chosen, so moving around was a little bit slower and left to sticking your nose in the wind on the straight sections.  After about 25 minutes of racing, I finally had gotten up to the front.  I didnt want to just sit in passively and watch things go off, so I went off with an attack by Trebon as soon as I was up there, but it became clear that Health Net was going to take control of this and not let anything get away.

In the past, this race usually has a break away that laps the field, but not this year.  A lot of attacks were made, but nothing went off.  Some big money primes were being offered to keep it interesting, but it seemed that it wasn’t my day to pick any up since they were ringed out whenever I was in the wrong place to get them.  The race was pretty aggressive, and there were a few crashes from clipped pedals, but for the most part the course felt safe and everyone was riding smoothly.  A few elbows were being thrown as we got closer to the finish and position became more important.  I moved back up and went off in another attempt to break away, but once again it was chased down.  Just before the pack caught us at the line, I realized I had totally lost track of time and went to look at the time left, the lap card read 6 laps.  “Ooops” I thought as I attempted to recover from the effort, and fought to get back into the strung out pack.  By the time I got to speed and squeezed between riders to catch the draft, I was about 25 riders back, a little far back to really save energy to contest in a sprint, but I had to make it work some how.  Unfortunately for me, everyone else knew it was 6 to go as well, and no one was letting gaps open up, or giving up wheels.  A few more crashes happened, and I only got a few positions gained by the time we hit the final lap and I was in no position to contest in the sprint.  Ended up 18th, not great, but not terrible, and I made a little money out of it.  Looking back on the race, I would have liked to be at the front sooner, but once I did finally get there I was in quite a few moves and raced aggressively.

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