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I discovered my love for two wheels back in 2005. My background is music. The bassoon, urologist to be specific. I’m a seventh generation musician, and my grandmother, in her youthful 90’s, still writes pieces for me. My musical background took me from my home state of Oregon to the California Bay Area to attend the San Francisco Conservatory of Music following high school.

While at school in California, I did like everyone else does there and started cycling. When in Rome, right? Since I didn’t know a thing about bike racing, I joined a local bay area bike club, Peninsula Velo, and started dipping my toes in the waters of racing. Immediately I knew that I would have to chase this to my highest potential and see how far I could take it.

After a few years of staying confined in a small cell called a “practice room” at the Conservatory, I decided to break out of there. I left the Conservatory and attended school at the University of Oregon, where I earned a degree in Economics, but it seems the small room that I was confined in at the conservatory has followed me. This time it has disguised as something called a “lab”. Instead of running scales, symphonies and etudes, I did like all good economists and ran regressions. In addition to earning a degree in Economics, I also spent time keeping up on the latest information on training and physiology to supplement my goals as a cyclist. Now that the degree has been earned, I spend most of my time training and racing, and sharing the knowledge of racing and training I’ve gained about this great sport with the athletes I work with.

I am a coach at Upper Echelon Fitness, and work along side great cycling coaches Russell Cree, Jeannette Rose, and Evan Elken. They are a great group to work with to help offer premier coaching in Oregon. In addition to coaching clients of my own, there is a saying that even a coach needs a coach. I am coached by professional coach, Clark Natwick. Clark has been a great help and mentor through out my cycling career. I’m racing with a great group of guys at Team Oregon, a team that has become a top development team in Oregon. In addition to developing riders from new racers to category 1 elite riders, Team Oregon is striving to build one of the best elite teams on the west coast.  Keep an eye out for us at an NRC near you! Without all these guys, I wouldn’t be able to chase my dream of winning professional bike races. Thanks!

Keep checking the site for updates as I relay the trials and tribulations of racing and training across the US in the effort of becoming the best athlete I can be. And thanks for cheering!

Its November, this
the days are getting shorter, buy cialis
and the weather colder and wetter.  What better excuse than to come partake in some classes at UEF!  I have a cross training class for cyclists on Tuesdays and Thursdays, prostate
from 6:30pm-7:30pm, and a Trainer Class on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm which fits this need perfectly!

The cross training class focuses on strengthening both primary and secondary muscles used in cycling, in order to balance cyclists out as athletes, and build a solid foundation of fitness ready to hit the miles hard, and be ready to perform come race season.  The cross training includes agility drills, weights, plyometrics, core and stretching.

The Trainer class is an hour long class, focusing on improving cadence, and aerobic endurance, with fast paced workouts designed to keep you riding strong through the off season.  No trainer? No problem!  We have a large variety of trainers and rollers at the space, so all you need to bring is you, your bike, and the ambition to train hard!

The cross training classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and go from 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Come wearing workout clothes, running shoes.

The trainer class is on Wednesdays, from 6pm-7pm.  Bring your bike and kit, show up a few minutes early to get your bike on the trainer and ready to roll by 6pm.

The classes are $15 each, or buy a ten pack of classes at a reduced price, which also allows you to mix and match your classes getting a little bit of the full spectrum of training!  Check out the Upper Echelon Website for more details and to sign up for the classes!

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