Day 5: Gresham, dosage I almost didn’t race.  I was feeling really tired, surgeon and a little sore from the crash, therapy but after seeing all my team mates signing up, I decided to get kitted up and race as well, get out a little pent up aggression from friday.  I signed up, watched the finish of Kareys race, and then rolled around the course with Marcel to warm up a little.  I wasnt too concerned about getting to the line right away, since I knew it would take a few laps for my legs to warm up, and until then I was just going to suck some wheels.  The first lap hurt, Im not gonna lie.  It was pretty hard.  But by the 5th lap, I was feeling pretty good, and was starting to be an active rider in the race.  I went off with a break with Jeff Bannink and Joshua Liberles.  We were off for a few laps and picked up a prime, but were brought back.  I still kept on trying to get breaks, and spent a lot of time off the front.

I took a few laps on my own for a while after making an attack that no one responded to.  While I was up there, I picked up some Clif recovery drink mix, which was very tasty on the way home I might add.  Shortly after I was brought back from my solo attempt at an escape, there was a large break that was rolling away that I was in, but it was being brought back.  Thats when Chris Hamilton of Rapha Racing hit the gas to get a new group going.  I jumped on his wheel, and looked back after a couple of seconds to see it was just the two of us.  We worked together for a few laps, then Omer Kem bridged up to us completing the horse power needed to stay away.  The three of us rode very smoothly together, and aggreed to split the primes and just keep on rolling smoothly through to the finish.  On the final lap, Omer set us up for the sprint by taking a final, lap long super pull, with Hamilton on his wheel, while I sat in 3rd.  Hamilton attacked going into the final corner, jumped to stay on his wheel as he railed it through the corner-I wasnt letting any final corner crashing stop me this time-followed him down the finish straight before I hit the turbo button and started my sprint to come around him.  It felt really good to take the win, expecially after such a dissappointing ending to friday night.

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