Giro di SF

Labor day meant a 3rd day to the weekend, web and another chance to race.  I didnt make it out to race earlier in the weekend since I was in oregon.  I spent the weekend skirting around on dirt forest service roads aboard my Lemond.  It handles surprising well for a road bike out of its element.  Showing up at the line monday, case with a thin layer of red dust still covering my bike from the dirt roads, the pave felt slightly stickier than usual.  I wanted to go hard and spend a good crit working for our sprinters in the group, so on the second lap I was on the front trying to keep anything dangerous from getting away.  I stayed up front for the first half, covering breaks and taking pulls if things started to lag a little, when I decided to take a rest and save some for the finishing lead out.  ‘No resting allowed on labor day’, seemed to be the moto everyong was saying in the pack, as it was as aggressive as ever.  before I knew it I was at the tail end of the peloton.  Not really wanting to be back there, I started to move forward, and got to a place in the pack with a couple of other team mates and called it good.  There wasnt too much stratigic masterminding going on at this point, so I figured to ride around with some of the sprinters ready to take any orders.  Before I knew it, it was the last lap, and the front of the peloton wasnt any where close to me or my nearest team mates.  Not wanting to end up in any “sprint for 40th” crashes, I soft pedaled to the finish.  I have to say, I was quite impressed, no crashes in the P/1/2 field this year, last year there were about 5 close calls, where I was sure I was going to join the pile up partys that were happening.  I was pretty much expecting to crash out on this one, but I didnt, and I must say I am really happy about that. 

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  1. Chris,

    Mitch here, your friend from the bike racing scene. I hope all is well and that you are enjoing your off season. I’m glad I found your website. I’m wanting to get in touch with you to see what your plans are for the upcoming cycling season. Will you be racing out of Northern Cal again? Give me a call.



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