Gate City Grind, racing in Id

After the pain at nez, more it was time for a large regional stage race in south east Idaho, buy information pills Gate City Grind.  I wasnt too sure what to expect, approved since I didnt know any of the racers, but I knew of the teams and was prepared to see some strong team tactics, and some pain.  And thats just what  I saw.  In the RR, there was a break off the front for a long while, I tried to bridge and get another group started, but nothing could really get rolling.  The teams in charge were having their way with the race, but at about 20 miles from the finish the break came back, and the counter went off.  I jumped into it as soon as it started, and there were 4 of us rolling off and gaining time on the pack.  On the climb we lost one rider, and a rider from the original break was able to hang on.  We took some hard pulls and before long had a minute on the chase group.  The gap stayed at that distance until the finish and I picked up a time bonus as well.  It was a pretty good RR, and the competition was very strong as well.

Later that night was TT, I was looking forward to bustin out the TT bike and rolling fast on the flat course.  It wasnt fast enough though, since I lost some time here, but the gap on the field from the RR was enough to pad me from losing GC positions.

The Holt Arena Crit was a pretty fun crit course.  It had some tight turns, a small hill and wind.  All the elements to keep it interesting.  Before long I was in a break, but we had been off for about ten minutes, and 50 minutes to go, and we weren’t gaining any time on the pack.  I was pretty sure it was a doomed break, so I drifted back to the pack.  That had to be the worst decision Ive made all season.  I was expecting the break to come in, but it didnt and stayed away.  Big oops.  I made a few moves to try to get a chase group going, but the field brought me back each time, so I decided to wait for the sprint.  I had pretty good positioning going into the finish and managed to get 6th in the crit, but lost more time due to my bad decision and slid back to 6th in the GC.  Now I know.

The next week is all about getting in some quality miles here in Pocatello.  The conditions here are very similar to Bends so I should be well prepared for Cascade.  It will be interesting racing against Levi and Horner.

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