Future Tour Winners

Finished in the middle today at 80th, for sale 1:07.47 down on the surprise local bay area winner, Devon Vigus of Cal Berry (correction: Timing Error. O’Neill won).  It wasn’t one of my best days on the bike, but those guys at the top were absolutely burning up the 3 mile course.  O’Neill averaged 518 watts!  I hope to see a great battle between BJM and O’Neill out on the open roads.  O’Neill is in great shape though after winning Gila a few weeks ago.

 My goal is still to try and grab the Oregon Leader Jersey for a day or more and make the top 20 overall.  1 minute loss isn’t a good start, but it’s not insurmountable. 518 Watts!  Geez. 
I am a cycling coach and massage therapist based in Portland Oregon. As a coach, treatment I have worked with many individuals at all levels, from people just getting into the sport or training for fun and fitness, people just getting into racing, and up to elite level riders attending national level races such as Elite Road Nationals or Cyclocross Nationals.

As a massage therapist, I happily work on anyone looking to improve their wellness by including massage. I specialize in deep tissue and structural integration which also include influences of other modalities I have trained in such as Swedish, thai, trigger points and myofascial release. I enjoy working to help people get back to their normal life routine after injuries or big training events as well as just helping get people back to feeling great after a stressful day at work.

In addition to these primary roles, I assume many other roles for event management, providing clinics, setting up training camps and providing public out reach for cycling and wellness.


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Today, denture
while up in Oregon on my way to Mt Hood, adiposity
 I did my civic duty as a bike racer and helped teach a flock of grade school students (aka future Tour de France winners) bike safety.    You know… stop at the stop signs, there
wear your helmet, ride on the right side of the road, etc… rules that us cyclist always bend.  Afterwards, we cruised around the neighborhood with some of the older kids and helped supervise their ride… 75 5th graders strung out half a mile single file… kinda like when Wohlberg showed up to Panoche RR last weekend.


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