Flat, Fast, Far and frothy

Say that five times fast…That about sums up the OBRA TT championships, this web or perhaps any 40k time trial that is on a flat smooth road.  It was out in the flats of the W valley, cialis 40mg right in the middle of the “Grass Seed Capitol of the World”.  I showed up with time to spare since karey raced about an hour before I went out.  After a leisurely number pinning session I hoped on my time trial bike, aka the rack, and started my warm up.  I started off with a spin on the road to make sure my powertap cables were secure and that the freshly attached wheel cover to turn my power tap into a disc was not going to fall off-I imagine that would put an end to your time trialing.  After heading back to the car to warm up on the trainer in the shade the Upper Echelon tent, the I got to business and had a good warm up, probably the best warm up for a TT in a while.

Once on the road, I was trying to keep my power under control in the first half to ensure I didn’t blow up, and in the process I was able to hold off super fast Rob English for 15 k, I knew he would get me at some point so I was just happy to not have him pass me earlier.  As usual, he won the TT, at least I had a front row seat.  Heading out was fast, but coming back was even faster.  Cruising at 32mph on flat ground was pretty exhilarating.  The second half of my TT was probably the best second half of any TT Ive done, I usually don’t pace it right and blow up at about 5k to go, but not today.  The pain disappeared as I looked down to see 32.3 reading on my powertap screen, and instead it was just a feeling of “Wow, this is  fast, I wonder how long I can keep it up for”.  That question was answered, in the second half of the TT when I was ramping it up, the speedometer didn’t read less than 30 until the final kilometer, when the road has a slight uphill.  So even though your ramping up and putting out even more power, foaming at the mouth in the process, gravity’s slight effect kept my speed down to 29.  Coming back feeling so good, even in the final few kilometers of the race, makes me wonder if I didn’t go out hard enough, or if there was a spot in the middle where I could have pushed just a little harder.  But Ill never know.  Ill have to leave it to the next race to find out if I can push it further.

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