First post in a while

Well it looks like I havnt posted for a few weeks.  Guess seeing that Im done with the summer term of school, skincare the feeling of not having to do something seeped over into the world of blogging as well.  Training on the other hand, has not deflated in the least.  Did a couple of other crits, Swan Island and the State Crit Champs.  Thats in addition to the Co motion Twilight series.

Swan Island was run as a points race, with points sprints throughout the race, double points for the final sprint, and whoever had the most points won the race.  This was my first time racing a criterium as a points race, so I had to spend a little while figuring out the best way to get up to the points during the sprint laps, I decided to get up the road where points were practically guaranteed as long as the pack was out of sight and there werent too many riders with you.  Unfortunately, the saying “Never get in a break with a sprinter that can out sprint you.” was stuck in the back of my head as powerhouse Nick Skenzick’s wheel was right in front of me.  I knew that Id have a tough time beating out Nick for the sprint, but I thought with some consistency on my part, the finish might work out all right.  We stayed away for a few laps, and sure enough, on the points lap Nick handed out a good whip’n as usual.  We got brought back to the pack, and I made a few more efforts to get OTF with some other riders, but nothing seemed to be getting off for very long(thats what she said).  I did manage to pick up a few primes along the way, but missed out on any real point primes, and I wasn’t in a good position for the final sprint.  Nick won the field sprint, handing out a good whipping to the whole field.  Nick is very consistent with the whippings, and he doesn’t discriminate either, anyone wanting a good whipping in a sprint, come to Oregon and race against Nick, 5 bucks says he’ll whip ya up good.

The next day was the Oregon crit champs.  I was excited, as this race was a little more of my liking than Swan Island.  A more technical course, and outside of an industrial park was a plus too.  Showed up for the race and it was another really hot day, although it wasn’t quite as bad as it was at Swan Island.  Ate some food and chilled out watching Kareys race, and didn’t get ready quite fast enough, so I didn’t have a lot of time for a quality warm up.  Sitting in the shade when it was 90 degrees out definitely sounded better than chamoising up to get on the bike.  After finally getting ready and toeing to the line, I was ready for a good race.  A lot of good riders were in the field, so it was going to be a good race for sure.  There were some good attempts at break aways, but nothing seemed to get more than 10 seconds on the field before it was brought back.  It was a pretty event full race, and would have been a fun race to watch.  No crashes Either, which is always a plus.  At about 6 to go, I kinda spaced off a bit about staying at the front, and had drifted a bit farther back than I wanted to be.  Opps.  I started to move back up front, but there wasnt enough time in the race for me to get right in the sweet spot.  Going into the final sprint, I took what looked like the fastest line and ended up breaking into the top ten, getting 8th in the sprint.  Super track star sprinter stud Steven Beardsley took the win.

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