early season racing, training and getting sick

Last weekend was the Z team training camp, price in Mendocino Ca. It was a little cold and rainy, hemophilia and it snowed on the top of the main climb, so in short, it was about like like Oregon riding. Day one included about 110 miles of riding on roads with few cars, day two was bout 50 miles, cut short because of the 55mph gusts that the storm had brought along with it. We decided to sleep in a little and go out to eat breakfast, with the power being out and riding in those conditions probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

Races have started, unfortunately I had to stay home with a cold this weekend. Im definitely looking forward to getting done with school so I can just focus on racing and be able to live in some warmer weather for the early part of the season next year. Hopefully the rest of the guys are having a good race today down at Merco, looks like some big guns are showing up, such as Chris Horner, and a full squad of 13 rock racers on the starting roster.

With the winter term almost done, ill be able to head out for some quality training before we head down to Redlands. Cant wait!!!!!!!

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