Comotion and Vancouver crit

Comotion crit, pharm Heres my summery of the event Too small of a field to be fun, tooth I was marked and could not do anything because of it, as flattering as it is to be marked, it was lame.  At one point I almost quite with frustration to do intervals or hill repeats on my own, but said to myself “I paid 20$ for this bag of mojo.” After thinking that, I would get really mad at myself for paying for a race when I am broke and didnt seem to have a good shot at getting it back, and would just attack really hard for the heck of it knowing that everyone would chase me down like I was a stripper offering free sex in the champaign room. Yep, that about sums it up.

Vancouver crit: This race has a awesome course. I think I say that about a lot of courses, but this one was especially good. I kept on trying to get a break going, and ended up doing a few solo laps, or would just get a gap with a few riders, but we couldn’t get it fast and organized enough to stay away. That and their team mates weren’t helping it get away much either. Heres one example: It was about midway through the race, some guys were getting tired and it was probably a good time to get a winning break up the road, 2 guys shot off the front and started to get a gap. A 3rd attacked to join them, but a team mate of a guy up the road who was on the front would hop on his wheel, (trying to block? bad way of doing it.) By hopping on his wheel, he would end up letting the attacking rider pull the whole pack up to the two guys(one whom is his teammate). This basically meant he chased down his team mate. If he let the rider go, and drove the pack slower than the leaders and chaser through the down hill segment of the course, the leaders would end up with an established gap. After there is a good enough gap that one guy can not chase it down on his own, then sit a chasing wheel until he tires, but until theres about 6 guys up the road, make sure don’t(!!!) let a lone bridging rider pull the whole pack to your man in the break, thats just not nice to your team mate. Tactics people, tactics! Any ways, thats my little rant. I went OTF again at around 8 to go and rode up there for two laps before being brought back to the pack. I dropped back a little too far and didnt do the douche bag move of the day (cutting the corner through the wheel chair ramps) to get up to the front. Squeaked past a crash in the final lap, but wasnt any where near enough the front do do anything. The podium riders all rode smart and played their cards right in the race, nice work Beardsley, Elken and Johnson (1,2 & 3). These guys and their team mates rode a sound race and it paid off. I am looking forward to this race next year.

Now, its off to make a delicious dinner of food, and then some economics homework.

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