Cascade stages 3,4 & 5

Stage 3, gonorrhea

Skyliner TT, a slightly uphill out with a fast return coming back made for some high speed action.  The road was also a little bumpy, which led to the falling apart of my right shifter.  Not the best situation, but I only needed my smallest cog coming back, so it wasn’t a big deal, but a little surprise I could have lived without.

Downtown Crit,

Definately one of the fastest crits ive been in, with a slightly changed course from last year, made it a little more interesting with the L shape.  I went down in a crash pretty early on.  A pile up on the tight turn before the gradual down hill.  I looked for an exit, but couldnt find any holes, I scrubbed most of my speed, but hit a bike square on and went over my bars.  I landed on my feet & hands relatively unharmed and went to the pit to get put back in the race.  Once I got back in it was starting to pick up pace and smooth out a little.  It was fast and double file, from this point on moving was pretty hard unless the guy in front of you opened a gap, and I rode the same couple of wheels for most of the race.  The last laps really picked up pace when Toyota United took over the front to lead out Ivan Domiguez for the win.

Stage 5

the climb out was fast…and hard…a little too hard, and I lost contact with the lead group as the pack broke apart.  I was in a groupetto with about 18 other guys.  At the bottom of the descent, the motor bike told us we were 2 minutes 5o seconds behind the pack.  We worked hard and about an hour later made contact with the pack.  Going through the caravan I was able to pick up a bottle from the neutral car,  and worked on trying to recover from the chase to get back in the race.  There was little time to cruise the flats in the pack before the final climb hit, and after a bunch of water and a few gels, I started to feel a little better.  I gave it my all on the climb, but after burning all but one of my matches off the back, I didnt have it to keep in contact with the lead group, and finished about 3 minutes back from winner Jeff Louder.  More fun tomorrow!

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