Cascade-Stage 6 & recap

After my behind-the-pack break away action Saturday, patient my legs were pretty toasted to start the final stage.  When ever the course kicked up hill, it felt really hard…I actually wondered if i was getting a flat, or if my brake was rubbing when we hit the first short hill on the course, but all my equipment was fine, just my legs.  The first lap wasn’t too crazy fast, but the 2nd time around, Toyota United headed up the front of the pack and lead the pack single file around the course.  I eventually cracked like half the peloton and rode a TT to the finish, all kinds’o fun.  A lot of guys dropped out, leaving me the lantern rouge.

This years cascade  was a lot faster and harder than it was last year, with half the pack not making the time cuts or dropping out.  With more balanced pro teams in attendance, the fight was on the entire week with all the teams firing at will through out the stages.  Cascade is also the last big stage race of the season, so a chance for a good showing here upped the anti that much more.    Good times in the hot high deserts, and the dry forests of the cascades.

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