Camping, training and Crits

Over the last weekend, page there weren’t any road races in Oregon, well there was a cross race, but my cross bike isnt built up right now anyways, so that was a little out of the realms of really being possible.  It was good though, because I had a great week of training last week, with a lot of good miles, so I was ready for some easy time over the weekend.  Actually looking back on it, it wasn’t so easy.  Saturday was a 3 and a half hour ride, up arguably the steepest hills in the world that have roads on them and half of it was dirt logging roads.  I rode with Quinn, we weren’t going that hard, but it was no recovery ride thats for sure, and I only had a 23 on my cassette, so those steep hills weren’t being very friendly.  While riding, we stopped to talk to a couple of guys doing some shooting, they offered Quinn and a chance to shoot their gun.  Looked like a .22 with a scope, and their target was about 20 feet away(is that really challenging with a scope???)  but we denied the opportunity to be manly.  They suggested the road went all the way to the coast, but Its pretty evident it doesn’t get even close to the coast with a glance at the 5ft x 5ft map you pass as you enter the recreation area.  That evening Karey and I went camping and escaped from the world for a little bit, Sunday was an easy 3 hour ride in the hills on some new roads Ive never ridden before, but our destination which was a Look Out station that all the signs were posting mileage to ended up turning onto a ten mile dirt road climb to a mountain summit.   As much as I would like to say we climbed the ten mile dirt road to a mountain summit, we didn’t.  Sorry to disappoint.  But we did witness a fire helicopter taking water out of a river in a giant bucket hanging from its underside, and I managed to not run over a lizard that ran out in front of me as well, so hey, if your saying “Where was the epic ten mile climb up to a mountain top?  Damn it, I want my epic climb!” you’ll have to wait for another day.  It got progressively cloudier as the day went on, but no rain.  At least not until the middle of the night, when I woke up to rain drops, boy was this a great!  I ran out of the tent and quickly put on the rain fly, crammed all the bikes into the car out of the rain, and searched the grounds to make sure there was nothing else getting soaked that shouldn’t be getting wet.

Monday was a rest day, and yesterday was two rides, in the morning we rode Wolf Creek, then came home showered and ate and then had to run off to the Tuesday night crit.  It was a pretty good race, I went in a break (and was really surprised that it got away).  The break wasn’t tight enough, and people in it werent pedaling through the turns, so we lost some time there and eventually a chase group made it up to us.  Diesel Mike was in this group, and he got up there just in time to give a bombin lead out for nearly a lap that set me up for the win.  Good times, and I won some pizza which is half Mikes.   It was really nice to have a team mate situation and be able to have a lead out for the win.  Nice work Mike.  The win also put me in 2nd place for the series standings, missing out on first(Nick Skenzick, who else?) by just one point.  Close one Nick!

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