Another week of racing and riding the bike

Over the weekend, cardiologist I drove up to Enumclaw Washington to do an an omnium.  Drove up there day of, case so I was a bit tired, no rx and made it to be a long day.  Didn’t quite have the legs this weekend though, so I didnt manage any great TT results, but had a good time on the course anyways.  The touch and go rain was a bit of a nuisance, but i would take that over non stop poring any day of the week.  Ian Mckissick had a good ride posting the fastest time of the day and setting himself up in the lead for the omnium.  The crit was very not smooth, and seeing that the legs didnt seem to be there I called it a day and hung out in the back of the race, to save a bit for the RR on sunday.  The course was a good one though, a nice figure 8.

The road race as a cool course, started out downtown, then headed out to some of the TT course roads before heading up a climb followed by a long straight descent.  The roads were fairly narrow so there wasnt a whole lot of moving around the first time around when everyone was everyone together.  The 2nd time up the hill, there were a few riders up the road, I went to the front and made a move, accelerated up the hill at full speed.  At the 200 meters to the KOM sign, I looked back to see Nick Clayville on my wheel, and a strung out pack with lots of gaps behind that.  Kept on the gas and caught up to the 3 guys up the road.  We started a paceline as we got over the crest of the hill, and a bobs rider caught up to us and gave a good contribution to our efforts.  We stayed away for a lap, but eventually got caught by the first chase group, which made the group way too big and no one wanted to work so the main pack caught us.  We went up the hill a few more times, with some attacks, but the only thing that stuck was McKissick flying up the hill again to catch a hagans burman rider and the two of them riding in to the finish.  Mckissick eventually soloed in for the win(nice work) leaving the pack to sprint for 3rd place.  It was tight as ever moving around in the final 3 k, I seemed to be pinned against the yellow line and couldnt quite find a line to the front of the group so my race was pretty much over and i knew it.  I managed to take 15th(lucky 13 in the field sprint) getting 1 omnium point for the weekend.  Woot! better than nothing.  Did my 98 yr old grandmother shame on her birthday by not winning.  Sorry grandma, they did earn it though.

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