Albany criteri…um, I mean crash

It seemed like a nice day for a bike race.  A nice sunny day on the east bay, medications  with a nice breeze coming off the golden gate full of fresh cool pacific air to make it a nice temperature.  Arriving at the line, seek  it looked like the ingredients for some action packed criterium racing.  Not any one teams colors dominating the field, pilule and enough of the local crit gents to make for a tactically interesting race.  The first few laps were fun, and a few moves were made.  It wasnt long until there was a break up the road.  Two guys in the pack were making attempts at bridging up, but neither of them could get a gap on the field and they gradually started to bring back the break.  It got down to a distance that a bridge up to them was possible.  I decided to attack on the flat stretch before the 2nd turn, at the base of the slight uphill and to use my momentum from railin’it through the turn to help catch the group.  Going into the stretch where I decided to attack, I was about 5th wheel, and made my move after coming out of turn 1.  I bolted for the right side of the road to help establish a gap and….I was on the ground, starting to feel some pain that wasnt there .08 seconds ago, then I was then run over by another guy(sorry to be laying in the road, didnt mean to make anyone crash)  I picked up my bike but the back wheel was no where to be found, I couldnt see it anywhere.  Apparently, I didnt have the Quick release clamped down hard enough.  I pulled the back wheel off during my attack and preceeded to crash.  The wheel rolled to a stop about 30 feet up the road after hopping over the curb. 

The tally: cracked helmet, really sore thumb, road rash, cracked frame, bent dropout/derailer hanger and a brake lever ground to a point.  The good news: No concussion!  So, the moral of the story is: make sure your quick releases are tight and in good condition, or that great day for a bike race wont be so great…

P.S. if the guy who said “gnarly crash!” to me as I walked up to find some ice is reading, sorry if my reply seemed rude, I wasnt totally there at the time. 

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