Ahhh yeah

Well its been my first week of official on the bike training, troche and in that week it was proof that all my off season training and my December of pre-season training has paid off.  The final weeks of preseason went about how I was expecting, more about and I felt about how I was expecting to feel.  But more recently, clinic I was not prepared for how quickly my off season training would equate to on the bike strength, power and comfort.  My power is much higher, and I am a lot more comfortable cruising at the higher speeds and power outputs, and my weight is right where I want it, so my power to weight ration has improved dramatically.  Its amazing how much of a difference actually having time to train can make.  Last year I didn’t get in nearly this quality of training, especially in the early part of the season, which led to a late bloomer, almost too late since It came down to September and I was just starting to feel the peak and then it was all done.  More importantly, I feel much more excited to get on the bike to train.  This year, things are structured properly and Ill have the fitness when I need it.  But enough of my finger flap about feeling good, huge power increases and the other horse manure, you’ll see what I’m saying on the results page in a few months.

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