Albany Crit and Rehearsal RR

Rehearsal RR was a fun course with almost no flat spots, sildenafil and lots of short climbs. It kept it interesting. There were a lot of attacks and I worked to get a break, and but just as a group started to get some time the pack would chase us down and catch us. Tried to get a break with some friends, approved but the pack didnt seem to like us rolling away from them. Eventually a break went away but I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and couldnt get around the guys going slow in front of me when they started getting time. Was off the front a lot, but wasnt there when it counted. Since i wasnt going to pull the break back on my own, i sat in and waited for the sprint or to go with another move. We ended up having a drag race to the finish on the final 1k climb.

Albany crit was an awesome race. A great course with smooth roads and good corners. I kept on working to get a break, and would get OTF with a good group of guys, only to look back and see team Rubicon chasing us down, while their team mate was in the break with me. This happened a LOT. Don’t totally understand what the team tactics were there. In fact, I couldn’t really figure out what they were doing all day. I came close to picking up a couple of primes, but didn’t quite have the kick to nab it. The last few laps were good and smooth, I was lucky enough to be far ahead of a pile up at around 3 laps from the finish, but going into the final lap I wasnt quite positioned well enough to move with the pack and lost a lot of positions, but found some good lines in the next few corners to move up to a little. Also found a bad line that took me straight over the reflector and lost some traction. Kept my line and managed to salvage 10th in the field sprint. Good course, good work people.

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  1. The guys have very specific task to work on during a race and the goal of that day was to make sure the field stayed together -no break was to get away. If a break started to get away a Rubicon guy would go with it, just on the outside chance the rest of the guys couldn’t bring it back. So they guys where not really chasing down there teammate, they where all doing there job as they where instructed to do prior to racing.


  2. Good stuff. I knew they were too good to just do random stuff in the race. I figured they were waiting until they had a guy in the break that would win the sprint from the break before they let it get away. Too bad your sprinter went down in that crash, rough way to end a race.



  3. Hey I just wanted to make sure you guys got to see the video that was made of the Albany crit, its on the albanyvisitors site and also can be found on youtube……Thanks for coming out and racing

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