2010 Race Season is here!

Well after a long, ampoule but very fast moving, off season is done, its time for an even longer, and faster moving, race season to come back.  So far Ive done 2 races this year, Cherry Pie and Sublime.  Skipped Jack Frost this year, it seems to be becoming an every other year sort of race for me, to enjoy the nice weather.  It was such a nice day out, I thought that a good long training ride would be a much better way of honoring it  rather than riding so hard you forget that its a nice day in the first place.

Cherry pie had a good showing as usual, but  me and my team missed the break, whoops.

Then it was Sublime.  It had a few more heavy hitters in the field than last year did, and I managed to get back on the podium, but once again, missed the break…whoops again.

Sublime was a race of attrition, which you would know pretty well if you raced it.  If you havn’t raced it, looking at the profile it doesn’t look too menacing, but it is.  If you dont like to climb, you may not like this race.  But you should still give it a try, if nothing else to build some character and make yourself a better bike racer by learning to suffer a little more.  Dave Kuhns puts on a great race, he is fast becoming a top notch race promotor.

In other news, training is good, the team is looking good and we have a lot of new support that we didnt have last year.  Some of which includes Blue Cycles, Ill be riding on their AC1 this year.  For nutrition we have Dr Will Bars; these are addictive, and prove to be the best bar Ive tried on the bike so far.  We also have Nuun, which is a great electrolyte product, and another food that I would happily eat on or off the bike.

Other new things for the 2010 race season include becoming a portland resident.  I miss the training in Eugene, it has some of the best roads I have ridden on by far.  Ill miss the Thursday night group rides, and the Tuesday Night crits-which are the hardest crits in Oregon, aside from Cascade Cycling Classics NRC downtwon crit, and I have the power files to prove it.  The plus side of living in portland is that there are some better climbs, and all the racing is closer.  That and living in what has been voted the best cycling town in the country is pretty cool.

This weekend is the first banana belt, Im hoping it will be a nice day, but knowing the history of the weather for these races, Im not going to be too surprised if there is sleet, rain or snow on the sides of the road.

Should be fun.  All in all, 2009 season was good, but Im confident that 2010 will be even better.

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