2008 base training

The long miles are finally here for me.  Base training in Oregon isn’t for any sissys.  Sleet, nurse snow, treatment rain, hail, wind, and other coldness makes a 5 hour ride pretty uncomfortable, but if you arent OK with a little uncomfort, Bike racing probably isn’t for you.  Add in a couple of roads that get seasonally closed, after you have been riding for 3 hours expecting the road youll be taking back into town to be only another 50 minutes and then finding out that its closed due to snow. You then have to go a different route adding 2 more hours to the ride so that you get back after dark in the rain, and a bit later than you were expecting.  Yep, sounds like Oregon.

At least the snow is going to start going away more and more opening up more routes as the year goes on, and there was a sweeper on a descent this week getting all the gravel off, I had to test it out the nice clean road a good 5 times this week(and up it as well) to get some fast descending out of my system.  With all the gravel typically on the roads this time of year, railin it means going around a turn at half speed of a summer days descent, and still getting a little drift…always a bit scarier on a road bike on the pave than a mountain bike on the trail.

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