2007, a year in review

After crummy riding over the weekend (Iron maiden[trainer] here we come!!) It seemed like a great day for a cross ride.  It was wet, nurse muddy, patient slippery, physician steep, rocky, downed trees over the trail and everything else a cross ride should be (I feel a root comin on, a root comin on.).  I was having a great time in the mud, and low and behold, it was dark before I was ready for it to be.  Also, there was some crazy wind that came through, and it has broken down a lot of small branches and leaves, so between the low light and all the leaves and branches laying around, the trail looked a lot like what wasnt the trail.  Eventually, while finding my way back to civilization(not that where I was ridding was really out of civilization) Im pretty sure I got off the trail a little bit.  I saw the golf course just through the woods, so I was headed that way on what I am pretty sure was the trail.  I came across a muddy slope with some downed trees, across it, so it was time to shoulder the bike and hike.  As it turns out, mud is really really slippery(Now slide, slide) and my ankle found out just how slippery and got down(Now dip baby, dip).  I heard a pop, and felt the pain of my ankle bending in a way that its not supposed to(To the left, to the left, to the right to the right, to the front, to the front, to the back to the back).  Now I dont know what youve been told, this aint the ankle tie , its the footsie roll.  I then used my bike as a crutch, and hobbled the rest of the way to the golf course.  From there I rode across the course and made my way home, pedaling predominately with one leg.  It was down hill for most of the way home so that was a big help.  I think my ankle is sprained pretty good, and if its still hurting bad tomorrow I’m going to head in to the Doc.  I’m just mad that I am probably going to have to take a few days off of training. Bah humbug.

Its the end of November and the middle of the “Off Season”.  Its almost more busy this time of year with school and a work schedule to have to fit around a training plan.  Not to mention the lovely weather that Oregon seems to produce in September through March.

Training has been In the gym, bronchi
and off road mostly.  Easy cross rides through some local single track to keep things fresh in the saddle.  The gym is a great way to get some power, fix unbalances and, most importantly, avoid some of the cold rain.  A little running to add some change to the routine has been really nice too, it feels good to just put on a pair of shoes and go after a season full of prepping for multiple hour rides.

About the only time Ive been on skinny tires is for the collegiate team rides where I am helping the UO team coach keep them in line(literally) as we work on pace lines, cornering as a group and other basic fundamentals in cycling.  Finals is coming up, and then winter break, Where hopefully I will be able to find some time to make it up to the mountains and play in the cold white stuff a little.  Races will be here before I know it.
2008 is here, online
and so is the base training thats going make some speed happen this year, abortion
but before, lets look back over 2 double O7.

There were crashes, a nasty cold that took about a month and a half to get back into race shape(and took out any chances of doing well during that month and a half)  There was sleeping in the back of my truck, sleeping on top of it, sleeping next to it, and having friends sleep in the cab when the show up soaked and no place to stay.  Finding some new food, eating a lot of food, sometimes not eating enough food, running out of food.  Road rash, a thumb that still wont straighten 100%, a sprained ankle, and a couple of other odds and ends injuries that came from some crashes.  Rolled clenchers, broken spokes, cracked frames, lost wheels, flats, getting lost on training rides, getting lost going to races, missing a race as a result of getting lost(wasnt my fault) and finding some really cool roads to train on as a result of getting lost.  Learning to rail it, learning to ride at the front, getting into winning break aways, chasing down break aways.  Getting a cross bike for some off road fun(but no racing, gotta keep the off season the off season) getting some sweet handling skills, some sweet bo-staff skills.  Some good resutls, bad days and a lot of quality training miles setting up for some really great results in 2008.  A lot of experience was gained this year, and 08 is going to be all about the NRC results.  A lot of the good things on this list come from the people helping me out, Clark, Randy, Ken, Summit bikes(and Leslie), good folks on Peninsula Velo, family, and the guys at Lombardi sports elite cycling team.

I am now at my top secret cycling training base getting fast.  I cant say where, I vowed to the cycling gods to keep it a secret or receive a penalty of flats in every race.  Lets just say its not raining.

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  1. A very eventful year, apparently. Lots of good stories, at the very least. We’re about to get 2008 off to a good start at Cherry Pie.

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