So for the first time since I’ve been racing NRCs, dosage this is the first season I’ve missed cascade…

Didn’t quite sign up in time, misbirth BIG oops, noun and the field, and the waiting list, was full. Im still in Bend, doing some training for elite nationals, which starts next week. So its not all bad that I missed it, Ill be pretty ready and rested for the race, which at 7 laps and 130ish miles in the desert, is pretty important. Im sure I would be pretty cooked if I had done cascade and raced elite natz as well.

It was exciting to watch the crit, I have never watched a big crit before, Ive always been racing the race. Its a little crazy to see how fast were actually going, from the field it seems fast, but it looks a lot different from the sides of the course. It also looks a lot more hectic, going into the corner at 30+ mph in the group seems a lot more sane from the field than from the view of the sides. Mostly because from the pack, you see where your going, see the lines through the corner, and have an idea of where your going. From the street, its a blur of color and shifting as the pack zooms by and dives into a corner. Of course, its not always smooth and organized in the pack. Theres plenty of times where the your setting up for a corner after moving up, or getting swarmed at an imperfect time, and all of a sudden your keeping your fingers crossed that you dont get pinched on the exit, or that the hole in the pace line will appear before you hit the curb on the inside of the corner, but its usually pretty smooth.

Got some premium training in over the last couple of days, with lots of good miles on the course for the road race next week. Looking forward to it.

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Hourly consultation:

75$ hr. Some people are just looking for some sound advice to supplement their goals, look looking for cycling handling skills improvement, personal training session to supplement their cycling routine, cadence and efficiency improvement or a mixture of all of these to meet their needs. It may consist of:

  • One on one on the bike skills work
  • Training plan design
  • Cycling Efficiency – skills, and training to improve your pedaling efficacy
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Analysis of training data(HR, power and training journals


175$ month. This plan will get you up and going with a custom training plan tailored to your needs. Nothing canned here, made custom to you. Includes unlimited email contact. Plans on this level are updated on a monthly basis.


250$ a month. Training is updated every other week, to keep more current with your immediate demands. This level also allows for unlimited email contact, plus a weekly phone call and power analysis.


450$ month. Training updated as needed. Weekly phone call, unlimited email contact, power analysis and four 1 hour personal training sessions a month – these may consist of strength work, interval work, handling skills, massage work and will vary based on needs and desires of client to achieve peak performance.

Massage Therapy:

75$/hr, 105$ 90 min. Deep tissue, structural integration, Swedish or a blend of all to meet your needs.

All coaching plans require 30 day notice of cancellation, as well as a one time 50$ dollar set up fee to cover the upfront time of establishing a training plan and client meeting.

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